Registration Options

The conference is planned as an onsite event in Zurich with the option to participate virtually, if a visit to Zurich is not possible.

A hybrid conference registration will allow you to join the meeting either 'onsite' in Zurich, or virtually via the conference streaming platform, for example, if personal short-term changes would prohibit you from travelling to Zurich. If you plan to attend the meeting in Zurich in person, please register as a ‘hybrid participant’.

A virtual conference registration will allow you to join the meeting virtually via the conference streaming platform. If you do not plan to travel to Zurich, but only to participate virtually, please register as a ‘virtual participant’. (If you happen to be a presenting author, please see the section below.)

The early-bird registration option will end on 20 May 2022, midnight Zurich time.

For students and junior postdocs a discount will apply. To be eligible a proof is required that needs to be uploaded during the registration process (student ID, copy of a PhD certificate dated 2020 or later).

Registration Fees and Registration

  • Early-Bird Hybrid Participant, Standard: 550 CHF
  • Early-Bird Hybrid Participant, Student/junior postdoc: 420 CHF
  • Hybrid Participant, Standard: 700 CHF
  • Hybrid Participant, Student/junior postdoc: 580 CHF
  • Virtual Participant: 80 CHF
  • Participant for the onsite Tutorials on 05 July 2022: 26 CHF

If you would like to register for either option, please use the following link:

Register for MIDL 2022

Please note that video recordings and photos will be taken during the event, both onsite in Zurich and via the conference streaming platform. All registrants agree that such photos and recordings may be shared publicly during and after the event.

Our aim is to keep the registration fees as low as possible for every attendee and have an enjoyable and productive onsite event in Zürich.

Hybrid Registration for Presenting Authors

All presenting authors need to register for a hybrid conference participation. If they know at the time of the registration that they will not be able to attend the meeting in Zurich onsite, but only virtually, they can indicate this during the registration process. This will make them eligible for the ‘MIDL 2022 Hybrid Attendance Fellowship’ that will reduce their conference fees to the fees of a virtual participation.

All first authors will receive an individual registration link for the hybrid participation. This link can be used only once by any of the authors. The hybrid registration needs to take place until 20 May 2022, i.e., during the early-bird registration time frame. Additional authors can apply via the regular registration process (link above).

The MIDL 2022 Hybrid Attendance Fellowship will reduce the conference fees of presenting authors who intend to join the conference via the conference streaming platform only. Authors can apply for it during the registration process, briefly explaining their need for a conference fee reduction, e.g., because of limited available funding at their home institution. The fellowships will be assigned by the MIDL Chairs based on the indicated reasons and the availability of funds (that will depend on the total number of attendees of the onsite conference). Assigned fellowships will be made available as a refund after the conference. If an upfront payment of the higher fees for a hybrid attendance is not possible for individual authors, they can reach out to the conference chairs already before the conference at [email protected].

Cancellation options

Written requests for full reimbursement of costs will be accepted until 1 May 2022, for the reimbursement of 70% of costs until 20 May 2022. Please send an e-mail to [email protected]

These dates will not apply if the Swiss COVID restrictions prevent the organisation of the conference. In this case the conference will take place solely virtually and the difference to the onsite fee will be reimbursed.

Visa application and Invitation Letters

All registered attendees can request an ‘Invitation Letter for Visa Applications’ during the registration process.

Authors of short papers, who do not want to register before the short paper decisions are out, can also request an invitation letter (in order to expedite their visa application process, for example). To this end, they need to submit their short paper via OpenReview (which can happen well before the submission deadline), and send a brief inquiry with a link to this submission to [email protected].

Please keep in mind that the Visa application procedure may take some time. Therefore, please register on time.


ETH and UZH offer various programs for children of different ages during the conference. Please note that this service is not included in the registration fee. For any further information and price rates please have a look on our webpage and send us an e-mail until 5 June 2022 at latest if you are interested [email protected].