Signal Domain Learning Approach for Optoacoustic Image Reconstruction from Limited View Data

Anna Klimovskaia, Berkan Lafci, Firat Ozdemir, Neda Davoudi, Xose Luis Dean-Ben, Fernando Perez-Cruz, Daniel Razansky

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Multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) relies on optical excitation of tissues with subsequent detection of the generated ultrasound waves. Optimal image quality in MSOT is achieved by detection of signals from a broad tomographic view. However, due to physical constraints and other cost-related considerations, most imaging systems are implemented with probes having limited tomographic coverage around the imaged object, such as linear array transducers often employed for clinical ultrasound (US) imaging. MSOT image reconstruction from limited-view data results in arc-shaped image artifacts and disrupted shape of the vascular structures. Deep learning methods have previously been used to recover MSOT images from incomplete tomographic data, albeit poor performance was attained when training with data from simulations or other imaging modalities. We propose a two-step method consisting of i) style transfer for domain adaptation between simulated and experimental MSOT signals, and ii) supervised training on simulated data to recover missing tomographic signals in realistic clinical data. The method is shown capable of correcting images reconstructed from sub-optimal probe geometries using only signal domain data without the need for training with ground truth (GT) full-view images.
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Thursday 7th July
Oral Session 2.1 - 09:40 - 10:40 (UTC+2)
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